The Fandalorians: Teachers by Day, Nerds by Night

A Thanksgiving Feast of Trailers

November 19, 2023 Mr. Richardson, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Giannone
The Fandalorians: Teachers by Day, Nerds by Night
A Thanksgiving Feast of Trailers
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Lesson Plan:   On this edition of the number #1 Public Teacher Pop Culture Podcast, we are thankful to break down the multitude of trailers that have been released recently.  Also we end up discussing Thanksgiving foods, raisins in potato salad and if toys should or should not be segregated.

2:15  The Prodigal Children Return
4:46  McDonald's Son Powered On
6:05 Mr. G book Club Promo
9:17 Thanksgiving of Trailers
9:59 Echo Trailer
14:04 Ghostbusters Trailer
16:41 Reacher Season 2 Trailer
19:11 Mean Girls 2 Trailer
23:22 Masters of the Universe Trailer
27:30 Damsel Trailer
32:37 Madame Web Trailer
40:34 Percy Jackson Trailer
43:15 What If Season 2 Trailer
45:52 The Last Airbender Trailer
54:58 Red Moon Part One Trailer

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The Prodigal Children Return
McDonald's Son Powered On
Mr. G book Club Promo
Thanksgiving of Trailers
Echo Trailer
Ghostbusters Trailer
Reacher Season 2 Trailer
Mean Girls 2 Trailer
Master of the Universe Trailer
Damsel Trailer
Madame Web Trailer
Percy Jackson Trailer
What If Season 2 Trailer
The Last Airbender Trailer
Red Moon Part One Trailer